Horse Haven Normal Horses

For my personal use of where I am in the game. If anyone else finds this useful, wonderful!

Horses I Currently Have are found here.

Note: All horses and constellation horses have been devalued to about half their diamond value as of November 30th. I spent 6 months getting the sell prices I have and it will take more time for that to be updated.

Akhal-Teke American Indian American Paint
American Warmblood Andalusian Anglo-Norman
Appaloosa Arabian Ardennes
Australian Brumby Bavarian Warmblood Belgian Warmblood
Black Forest Breton Canadian
Canadian Pacer Chincoteague Pony Clydesdale
Connemara Pony Criollo Dartmoor Pony
Dolehest Dutch Harness Dutch Warmblood
Fjord Frederiksborg Friesian
Gelderland Gotland Pony Groningen
Hackney Haflinger Hanoverian
Highland Pony Holsteiner Icelandic Horse
Irish Sport Jutland Knabstrupper
Lipizzaner Lusitano Merens
Missouri Fox Trotter Morgan Mustang
Oldenburg Orlov Trotter Quarter Horse
Rocky Mountain Horse Selle Francais Shetland Pony
Shire Standardbred Tennessee Walking Horse
Thoroughbred Trakehner Welara
Welsh Pony Westphalian Wurttemberger

Constellation Horse Information Here

Fairy Horse Information Here