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New Book Released!

2014 Edition -- Breyerfest 25th Anniversary Special Edition
Your Model Horse Collection Reference Guide


     Every year I update this book. New editions come out in time for Breyerfest. Contains everything I could find out about up through June 25th.

     Big changes this year! I've added 2 new detailed sections -- Stablemate Animals and, drum roll, STONES! Yep, I finally had the time to tackle the piles of stones pictures and catalogs. I included RRs and SRs I knew about or had numbers for.  This only added about 70 pages to the book.  Corrected some details in the Hartlands section. Changed from Breyer fictional colors to real horse colors (alabaster to white grey and charcoal to silver black).

     Available soon from Amazon (yay!) or direct from the publisher.  Click the button below to see the book and it's preview. The publisher is offering free shipping too!

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

As always, if you have any questions just let me know. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Ready for BF 2013

I've been working solidly on the new version of the book.  There were a LOT of updates this year.

I have a backlog of stuff to upload, and I'll work on them as much as possible before Breyerfest, but no guarantees.  I've also found an appalling amount of stuff marked "for sale".  Some of this stuff I actually didn't have in my collection, so I've added a couple of hundred new models.  I feel proud of the fact that I now have every variation possible of the bay Jumper and bay FAS.  Someday soon I'll get a list of the 1500 or so extra models for sale. 


This picture has kept me going lately. Whenever I needed a laugh I stare at this.  I just wanted to share.  It makes me think of the movie "Up", that cute dog and "Squirrel!"

My life is good, but very, very busy.  Trying to get everything done around here, updating my book, editing 3 books for other people, arguing with Duarte's building department to let me landscape with rocks, sand and paving stones (which including the footings for my 14' x 30' hobby building). I'm looking forward to my vacation at Breyerfest.

March 2013

In case you haven't noticed, I am finally updating.  The move is complete.  I still haven't built my hobby room, but it's working it's way through city approval.

There is a little section on the left called Latest News.  Notice I'm working my way through the Traditional Adults updates right now.  Since the move I've bought a few too many models (only 150-200 or so) plus visited two friends and photographed their rare models.  Lots and lots of updates.  I've spent three days so far just on the Trads and I'm only up to "R."

I made a math error.  It's more like the last 400 models added to my collection being uploaded....

Sad but true, I now have every color and variation of FAM ever made, almost...  and about six new PAS/PAM in dapple grey, and a herd of brown pinto indian ponies both with war paint and without.  *sigh*  I'm going to need to weed out duplicates when the collection gets unpacked.

4-4-2013 -- Finished updating the traditional adults.  Going to start working on the traditional foals.

November 2012

In May, after 2 months of packing my model collection, we put our gorgeous, airy tri-level Arcadia home up for sale.  Those people who've seen me limping around Breyerfest for years know I have a bad knee.  But last winter I couldn't climb the stairs without serious pain.  We bought a nice single story ranch style home in Duarte and moved in at the end of September -- almost everything went in the garage.  I can't find anything.  The contractors finished the remodel on October 30th.  I'm taking a few weeks off to regain my sanity (what little I have) before calling in Tuff Shed to build my collection room.  I'm thinking 16' x 24' might hold my 4000 models plus give me a little room to grow.  In the mean time, my collection is STILL in storage off site.  I'm using a closet for my recent purchases.  Now I just need to find my camera.

Breyerfest was hot, humid and fun as usual.  But I had to hurry home, escrow closed the beginning of August.  I did manage to photograph almost everything on hand before the move, plus visit some friends for more hard to find rare Breyers.  These will be going up now that I don't have to babysit contractors, sit in plaster dust, paint dust, sawdust, etc.

More on Passage to the Pacific after I've had a chance to think on it.  It's going to be long.  I LOVED it!  Friesian Focus was my dream stable with amazingly friendly horses and people.  Scripps Miramar was fantastic.  They pulled old carriages/carts out of storage just so we could drool on them.  I don't have enough positive adjectives to describe that day.  I can, and will later, go on and on about watching Friesians performing dressage in the mist and feeling like a child watching the circus come to town at Scripps Miramar ranch.

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