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Felicia's New Book is Out! Print
felicia_5th.jpg Breyer Animal Collector's Guide: Identification and Values 5th Edition came out just in time for Breyerfest this year.  If you don't have it already, you should buy it!  A fantastic guide for anyone from the beginning collector on up to us old timers.

Click here to buy it on Amazon or from your local Breyer dealer.

2007 Breyerfest Special Edition Released... Print
booktn.jpg When I finished the 2007 version of the book for Amazon, it was over 600 pages. My publisher limits spiral bound books to 480 pages. Ah, well, I though, we'll just have to live with it. Then I noticed I could set up two different books on Lulu and get the spiral bound book version back for you. So that's what I did!

Click here to go to Lulu and buy Volume 1 (Traditional to Stablemates)

Click here to go to Lulu and buy Volume 2 (Everything else)

Click here to buy the one book (about the size of the yellow pages) from Amazon.

2007 Book Updates Print
ModelEquus on e-Bay Print

I opened a store on e-Bay to sell my book.  If you are interested in a personalized signed copy, come visit my store at ModelEquus Duplicates.

Oh, and I occasionally have other fun stuff up for sale... usually stuff I'd auction but I don't have the time to.

2006 Book Updates Print

March 2007 updates... 

The following changes need to be made to the existing text. Blue marks the changes to be made. You can write them in OR cut out the blocks and paste them in. Personally, I write them in. If you plan to paste them in, don’t forget to print in greytone.

Click Here to see the on-line version of the changes. 

Download PDF version of changes to paste in to book
Download PDF version of new pages for new molds

Blue denotes change or addition

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