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11" series

hacs0249r.jpg hacs0268r.jpg
Arabian Five Gaited Saddlebred Grazing Stock Horse Mare
hf1204i23.jpg ha1204i21.jpg hacs0526r.jpg
Jade Lady Jewel Quarter Horse

9" Series

hacs1886l.jpg hacs0710r.jpg hacs2878l.jpg
Arabian Stallion Five Gaited Saddlebred Grazing Arabian Mare
hacs1480l.jpg hacs0613l.jpg hacs1523l.jpg
Mustang Polo Pony Tennessee Walking Horse
hacs1887l.jpg hacs3829l.jpg hfcs0904r.jpg
Thoroughbred Three Gaited Saddlebred Weanling

7" Series

hfcs3798l.jpg hacs3811r.jpg hacs3810l.jpg
Arabian Foal Arabian Mare Arabian Stallion
hfcs1900r.jpg hacs1899r.jpg hacs1898r.jpg
Morgan Foal Morgan Mare Morgan Stallion
hfcs3793r.jpg hacs3792r.jpg hacs3791r.jpg
Quarter Horse Foal Quarter Horse Mare Quarter Horse Stallion
hfcs3807l.jpg hacs3808r.jpg hacs3806l.jpg
Saddlebred Foal Saddlebred Mare Saddlebred Stallion
hfcs0893r.jpg hacs0892r.jpg hacs0891l.jpg
Tennessee Walking Horse Foal Tennessee Walking Horse Mare Tennessee Walking Horse Stallion
hfcs2888r.jpg hacs2887r.jpg hacs2886r.jpg
Thoroughbred Foal Thoroughbred Mare Thoroughbred Stallion
Woodcut Arabian Stallion Woodcut Thoroughbred Foal Woodcut Thoroughbred Mare

5" Series

hfcs1895r.jpg hacs1894r.jpg
Arabian Foal Arabian Mare Quarter Horse Foal
hfcs3833r.jpg hacs3832l.jpg
Quarter Horse Mare Thoroughbred Foal Thoroughbred Mare

Tiny Mites

hacs1143r.jpg ha1204a15.jpg hacs1545l.jpg
Arabian Belgian Morgan
hacs1542r.jpg hacs1546l.jpg hacs1543r.jpg
Quarter Horse Tennessee Walking Horse Thoroughbred

Rider Series

hacs2881l.jpg hacs2474l.jpg hacs2884l.jpg
Chubby Head Down Prancer Head Down Prancer Mini
hacs2342l.jpg hacs2883l.jpg
Rearing Semi- Rearing Semi-Rearing Mini
hacs2882l.jpg hacs3838r.jpg
Standing/Walking Standing/Walking Mini Western Champ Large
hacs2341r.jpg hacs2880r.jpg
Western Champ Small Wrangler Horse


Two-Point Clydesdale

Clock - Victor

Clock Series - Victor

Hartland Companies

To date, there have been 5 different Hartland owners. These are:

  • Hartland Plastics, denoted by a H-# in the mold listings
  • Durant, denoted by a D-#
  • Stevens Manufacturing, denoted by a S-#
  • Paola Hartland Collectibles, denoted by a P-#
  • Hartland Colletibles, LLC, denoted by a L-#
  • Hartlands are currently not in production. But someday they might return.

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