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Peter Stone

Stone horses come in three sizes... Regular (Stone Horses), Medium (Pebbles) and Small (Chips).

The Stones were original released in 1996. The Pebbles were first released in 2003. The Chips were first released in 2005.

Stone Horses originally did a few regular runs and a couple of special runs. Then the special runs each year began to out number the regular runs. Then they discontinued regular runs. Today you can order a custom portrait model of your horse (or your dream horse) for a couple of hundred dollars (DAH program). This is a wonderful innovation for the collector, but a statistical nightmare for the researcher.

Taking the DAH models out of the research equation and excluding runs of under 25 still yielded pages and pages of runs for each mold. I mean between 1999 - 2006 there were 24 Bay based Stone Arabians made. That's more than most companies put on one mold in all colors in a decade.

After a great deal of thought, I realized that there is no way I can keep up with all the models produced from Stone. I did a great deal of research back in 2006, so that's where I stopped. I've listed molds that have come out since then, but don't have data or models to photograph yet.

Visit the Stone Horse Reference Site if you really want to see everything produced. I honest don't know how they do it. Kudos to them!

Stone Horses

sacs3999l.jpg st_ay_design_a_horse.jpg sacs1146r.jpg
Arabian Arabian Yearling Clydesdale
sacs1032l.jpg st_fo_design_a_horse.png sacs1342r.jpg
Drafter Foundation Quarter Horse Ideal Stock Horse
sacs1034r.jpg sacs2201l.jpg sacs3998l.jpg
Morgan Palouse Performance Horse
sacs1583l.jpg sacs1071l.jpg st_sd_design_a_horse.png
Pony Rearing Horse Saddlebred
st_fe_malachite.jpg st_sh_design_a_horse.jpg st_tw_design_a_horse.jpg
Santa Fe Morgan Sporthorse Tennessee Walking Horse
sa0506a18.jpg sfcs4008r.jpg
Thoroughbred Warmblood Weanling
Western Pleasure Horse


pb_ar_malachite.jpg sacs1808r.jpg sacs1817r.jpg
Arabian Saddlebred Stock Horse


sacs1805l.jpg sacs1945r.jpg sacs1947l.jpg
Andalusian Arabian Clydesdale
ch_cu_design_a_horse.jpg ch_sf_design_a_horse.jpg sacs2713r.jpg
Cutting Quarter Horse Foal Friesian
sacs2266r.jpg sacs2717r.jpg sacs2714l.jpg
Morgan Mule Pony
ch_re_design_a_horse.jpg sacs1771l.jpg sacs1804l.jpg
Rearing Horse Stock Horse Thoroughbred

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