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I found a wonderful reference website on Hagens. Click here to visit Ed & Shari Alcorn's fantastic HR site.

For the time being, I'm going to post what Hagens I own. At some point in the future I will either research what was made (and then visit local Hagen collectors to photograph) or find an expert who is willing to share their knowledge. Until then...

Traditional Sized

Amir Head Down Pony Head Up Pony
Quarter Horse Mare Zara Zilla

Classic Sized

Head Up Mustang Lipizzan Morgan Stallion
Turning Mustang

Little Bit Sized

Arabian Foal Arabian Mare Arabian Stallion
Carousel Horse Colt Lying Draft Horse
Mare Mustang Foal Mustang Mare
Mustang Stallion Pony Wrangler Thoroughbred Colt
Thoroughbred New Era Thoroughbred Trotting Unicorn

Stablemate Sized

Arabian Belgian Draft Buckskin Mare
Circus Ponies - Head Down Circus Ponies - Head Up Drafter in Harness
Drafter, Standing Drafter, Walking Foal 1
Foal 2 Foal 3 Foal 4
Indian Pony Morgan Morgan Mare
Mule Rearing - Head Down Rearing - Head Up
Saddlebred Seabiscuit Shetland Foal
Shetland Mare Shetland Stallion Turning Horse
Western Horse

Micro Mini Sized

Foal Mare Stallion
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