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Mold 25 - Running Thoroughbred Stallion

The Running Thoroughbred Stallion was first released in 1998. It is Mold #25. It was sculpted by Candace Liddy.

To read the CLPN notes, ie. 1/1/1/1, it translates as Tool #1 / Mold #1 / Mask #1 / Color #1. Called the Running Thoroughbred Stallion in the original production notes.

Creata didn't always use the correct models in its catalogs and promotional material. I've done what I could for the sets, but you will still see the wrong model and/or wrong color in several cases.

Click here to see the production notes for this mold. To see a photo of the production line click here.

To find the Breyer editions click here!

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cr3960act4a.jpg crhc3960action.jpg
Bay Cherry Dapple Stable Estate Playset #HC3987 (1998)
CLPN - 7/25/1/3
Bay Dark Dapple Horses in Action, Series III #3960 (1998)
CLPN - 7/25/1/1
Bay Golden Dapple Horses in Action, Series III #HC3960 (1998)
CLPN - 7/25/1/2

Prototypes - Goofs - Resins

Unpainted Resin Prototype

SR = Special Run/Limited Edition, production run number unknown.

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CR Mold 25 Production Line
CR Mold 25 Bay Dapple Dark #3960
CR Mold 25 Bay Dapple Golden #HC3960
CR Mold 25 Resin Prototype
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