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“Baby Icons” (Pale Pink Border) (2013)
45 common cards sort of released.
Cards are marked ##/55.

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Common Cards

01 - Addis
When someone tells you she's sorry, forgive her.
Parents: Flame & Nike
02 - Alina
Your good character is the most precious thing you own.
Page of Herd Shahazar
03 - Bellisimo
Trust yourself and you will know how to live.
Parents: Bello & Bella
04 - Bellissa
Become the person you want to be. You will find joy along the way.
Parents: Bello & Bella
05 - Briar
Believing in yourself makes things go better for you.
Parents: Beran & Rosebriar
06 - Brine
Choose friends who are positive and loving.
Parents: Treasure & Edana
07 - Buttercup
Let your heart guide you.
Page of Herd Sunflower
08 - Calyx
We can climb mountains together.
Parents: Beran & Rosebriar
09 - Celesta
Look at the sky. See the art that nature creates.
Parents: Amor & Venus
10 - Cherub
Hope is the magic that turns wishes into goals.
Parents: Amor & Venus
11 - Chocolate
Chocolate makes this moment delightful.
Prince of Herd Valeryk
12 - Chortlebones
Your joyful spirit helps everyone have a good time.
Jester of Herd Moonfairy
13 - Chromasia
The sweet sound of your voice makes me smile.
Parents: Bifrost & Colour
14 - Cirra
See the beauty inside your friends.
Parents: Uranus & Anemone
15 - Delight
Being kind to someone makes both of you feel good.
Parents: Charlie & Mandalay
16 - Ebenos
Today is another chance to do something wonderful.
Parents: Uranus & Anemone
17 - Emberic
You can create miracles in your life. Believe it!
Parents: Flame & Nike
18 - Fiona
Be the hero in your own story.
Patron of Herd Shahazar
19 - Foxtail
A joyful life is waiting for you.
Prince of Herd Sunflower
20 - Freja
Close your eyes and hear the sound around you.
Parents: Orion & Star
21 - Gracie
A true friend is one of the most precious treasures.
Page of Herd Valeryk
22 - Heart
It takes someone special to catch your heart.
Jester of Herd Pantheon
23 - Helia
Doing things together helps our friendship grow.
Parents: Flame & Nike
24 - Iceprince
Let other see who you really are.
Parents: Iceking & Nyx
25 - Janie
Learn from yesterday, enjoy today, and imagine tomorrow.
Parents: Flipper & Ondine
26 - Jewel
I will help you stay in a steady flow of abundance.
Patron of Herd Islandar
27 - Juniper
Ask for a helping hand when you need it.
Parents: Aspen & Maplewind
28 - Kora
I am proud to be your friend.
Parents: Treasure & Edana
29 - Mistral
Do what you mean to do.
Parents: Bifrost & Colour
30 - Murttie
Imagine love and joy coming into your life.
Parents: Flipper & Ondine
31 - Nike
Have the courage to trust yourself.
Patron of Herd Airistos
32 - Petal
Plan a sweet surprise for someone.
Parents: Beran & Rosebriar
33 - Pie
You cannot do something until you try it.
Jester of Herd Elemyn
34 - Pirouette
You have unique gifts. Make the most of the chances they give you.
Parents: Amor & Venus
35 - Primrose
The more you learn, the more you grown.
Parents: Royce & Pink Lady
36 - Ruskin
Follow your heart and you will create your own success.
Parents: Chryso & Sasha
37 - Shasta Daisy
Look for your special gifts and love what you find.
Parents: Snapdragon & Violet
38 - Snowflake
Change whatever you need to change to make things better.
Parents: Mjolnir & Iduna
39 - Soul
If you are sad, ask someone to listen to you.
Page of Herd Patheon
40 - Spottie
Play with me and your life will become an adventure.
Jester of Herd Valeryk
41 - Sugarplum
I'm make of hopes and dreams.
Parents: Magic & Starunna
42 - Summit
Being with others and being alone can both be beautiful.
Parents: Charlie & Mandalay
43 - Sylphie
A vivid imagination creates new adventures.
Princess of Herd Moonfairy
44 - Thunder
I give you courage. Now you can release your fears.
Patron of Herd Valeryk
45 - Ticklebit
You are surrounded by good luck.
Page of Herd Moonfairy

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