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“Royalty Version 2” (Peach Border) (June 2009)
50 common cards, 5 castle cards.

Also Available in:
French -- Familles Royales
German -- Adel & Anmut

Common Cards

01 - Alina
Your good character is the most precious thing you own.
Title: Page of Herd Shahazar
02 - Anemone
Keep your heart open. Believe in getting and giving love
Title: Queen of Herd Airistos
03 - Aviva
Read a good book. Let it inspire you to write a story of your own.
Title: Queen of Herd Shahazar
04 - Bella
Think positive every day! Feel the bliss of joy and energy that comes with it.
Title: High Queen of Herd Bellasara
05 - Brine
Choose friends who are positive and loving.
Title: Prince of Herd Islandar
06 - Brioso
You are full of life and energy. Use it to do something great!
Title: Page of Herd Airistos
07 - Cantaro
Develop your ability to lead. Ask a wise person for advice.
Title: Steward of Herd Shahazar
08 - Cirra
See the beauty inside your friends.
Title: Princess of Herd Airistos
09 - Coral
Sometimes help comes from the most unlikely places.
Title: Lady of Herd Islandar
10 - Corcel
Choose a worthy goal and go after it with all your heart.
Title: Knight of Herd Airistos
11 - Cosima
Learning is the key that opens up the whole world to you.
Title: Chatelaine of Herd Airistos
12 - Dane
Life is beautiful in so many ways. Open your eyes to them all.
Title: Prince of Herd Valeryk
13 - Donnecha
This moment is full of chances for you to grow and learn.
Title: Chatelaine of Herd Valeryk
14 - Ebenos
Today is another chance to do something wonderful.
Title: Prince of Herd Airistos
15 - Edana
Start your day with a happy thought.
Title: Queen of Herd Islandar
16 - Farah
Begin your story with a dream that inspires you.
Title: Lady of Herd Shahazar
17 - Faris
Let your imagination take you to amazing places.
Title: Knight of Herd Shahazar
18 - Fiona
Be the hero in your own story.
Title: Patron of Herd Shahazar
19 - Gracie
A best friend is as precious as any treasure.
Title: Page of Herd Valeryk
20 - Haku
Listen for the hidden harmony beneath the roar.
Title: Minstrelle of Herd Islandar
21 - Hilario
Playing around with something new is a fun way to learn.
Title: Jester of Herd Airistos
22 - Honora
Honor your strengths by using them to do good.
Title: Lady of Herd Airistos
23 - Hummingbird
Go after the point of life.
Title: Minstrelle of Herd Airistos
24 - Jajali
When you laugh your troubles get smaller.
Title: Jester of Herd Shahazar
25 - Jewel
I will help you to stay in a steady flow of abundance.
Title: Patron of Herd Islandar
26 - Kahuna
A generous spirit finds friends everywhere.
Title: Steward of Herd Islandar
27 - Kitty
Being happy helps your friends feel happy too.
Title: Minstrelle of Herd Shahazar
28 - Kona
Look beneath the surface and find your inner power.
Title: Knight of Herd Islandar
29 - Kora
I am proud to be your friend.
Title: Princess of Herd Islandar
30 - Magic
Look to the heavens for the shooting stars. Now make a wish.
Title: Knight of Herd Valeryk
31 - Mahalo
A little help can be a big gift to someone who needs it.
Title: Page of Herd Islandar
32 - Mahina
Let wisdom light your way.
Title: Chatelaine of Herd Islandar
33 - Nasim
Greet the morning sun. Let it awaken your mind and senses.
Title: King of Herd Shahazar
34 - Nieva
You can always get the help you need. Just ask for it.
Title: Mistrelle of Herd Valeryk
35 - Nike
Have the courage to trust yourself.
Title: Patron of Herd Airistos
36 - Peka Peka
Give someone a good laugh. You may make a new friend.
Title: Jester of Herd Islandar
37 - Shamal
Have the confidence to do what is right, no matter how hard it seems.
Title: Prince of Herd Shahazar
38 - Shanti
Find a quiet place where you can think and dream in peace.
Title: Chatelaine of Herd Shahazar
39 - Sirocco
One creative thought can start a storm of good ideas.
Title: Princess of Herd Shahazar
40 - Sleetmane
Imagine your wish. Have faith that it will come true.
Title: King of Herd Valeryk
41 - Snowdreamer
Be brave enough to go wherever your dreams take you.
Title: Queen of Herd Valeryk
42 - Spottie
Play with me and your life will become an adventure.
Title: Jester of Herd Valeryk
43 - Starunna
It takes courage ot love with your whole heart.
Title: Lady of Herd Valeryk
44 - Thora
Be a person you respect.
Title: Princess of Herd Valeryk
45 - Thunder
I give you courage. Now you can release your fears.
Title: Patron of Herd Valeryk
46 - Treasure
Follow me beneath the waves. See the beauty and the space.
Title: King of Herd Islandar
47 - Uranus
The powers of the universe flow around you and in you. Let them guide you.
Title: King of Herd Airistos
48 - Valdespar
Dare to make yourself the best person you can be.
Title: Steward of Herd Valeryk
49 - Zephyros
Every day, you choose who you will become.
Title: Steward of Herd Airistos
50 - Sara
Goddess of Horses
51 - Airistos Castle
Flying every higher
52 - Islandar Castle
Open hearts, open hands
53 - Rolandsgaard Castle
With wisdom and love above all
54 - Shahazar Castle
Lighting the spark within
55 - Valeryk Castle
Brave words, brave deeds
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