Baby Bella · Royalty

“Treasures Version 2” (Turquoise Border) (March 2009)
No codes on bottom of card
50 common cards, 5 energy cards, 55 foil cards, and 2 promo cards.

Also Available in:
French - Tresors Fabuleux
German -- Schatzsuche

Common Cards

01 - Aheron
Listen to those who encourage you, and encourage those who listen.
Treasure: Archeran Castle
02 - Amia
Your heart is my heart. Our friendship is forever.
Treasure: Binding Stone
03 - Ariadne
You are surrounded by loving, caring people.
Treasure: First Horseshoes
04 - Bella
Think positive every day! Feel the bliss of joy and energy that comes with it.
Treasure: Auroborus
05 - Bellisimo
Trust yourself and you will know how to live.
Treasure: Bellisimo's Blankie
06 - Bello
Life is a gift. Receive it and love it.
Treasure: Hestheim
07 - Bryda
True love means caring for someone else like you care for yourself.
Treasure: Sigga's Wedding Dress
08 - Cara
All friendships begin with a smile and a kind word.
Treasure: Greeting Stones
09 - Clio
Let your ideas flow. They are meant to be used.
Treasure: Library of the Ages
10 - Diamond
Trust me. I am here to help you become a loving and good friend.
Treasure: Mother Diamond
11 - Dowager
Your kindness is as beautiful as a garden full of flowers.
Treasure: Orchid Garden
12 - Empress
Your spirit is strong and noble. Wear it like a crown of glory.
Treasure: Empress's Tiara
13 - Epona
Thank you for being honest with me and with yourself.
Treasure: Waymaker Key
14 - Fiona
Be the hero in your own story.
Treasure: The Patchwork
15 - Firebright
Let others see the fire that burns so brightly in your heart.
Treasure: Bella and Bello Monuments
16 - Gracie
A true friend is one of the most precious treasures.
Treasure: Miss Precious Kittywhisker
17 - Halloween
I will keep you safe.
Treasure: Halloween's Jack-o'-Lantern
18 - Harmony
Making music creates harmony in the world.
Treasure: Harmony's Music Box
19 - Hellevi
Learn about the past. It will help you see the future.
Treasure: Ruins of Jormark
20 - Honu
Protect the beauty of nature.
Treasure: Crown Chelonia
21 - Icarus
Choose to be with people who care about you.
Treasure: Sure Saddle
22 - Jewel
I will help you to stay in a steady flow of abundance.
Treasure: Gertrude and the Orchid Throne
23 - King
I will help you spread peace and unity throughout the world.
Treasure: King's Champron
24 - Knight
The best path from here to there is not always a straight line.
Treasure: Opus's Chessboard
25 - Lien
The most important time in your life is right now.
Treasure: Rainbow Lotus
26 - Lukan
You can make this a moment you will always remember.
Treasure: Beach at the Edge of the World
27 - Mahina
Let wisdom light you way.
Treasure: Giant Luna Pearl
28 - Memory
Write down your fondest memories and keep them alive forever.
Treasure: Farewell Tree
29 - Merrydancer
Focus your thoughts on things that make you happy.
Treasure: Ice Gems
30 - Mikiko
Be patient like a tree. You will grow beautifully at your own pace.
Treasure: Bonsai Grove
31 - Mireldis
Look for help and you will find it all around you.
Treasure: Mireldis's Cauldron
32 - Nightingale
Listen to the wind's music and hear what nature tells you.
Treasure: Lovesong Lane
33 - Nike
Have the courage to trust yourself.
Treasure: Drasilmare
34 - Ondine
Make every day an adventure!
Treasure: Bubble Hourglass
35 - Oracle
Look again. The most important things are often the hardest to see.
Treasure: Pool of Reflection
36 - Parlez
Make a plan and commit completely to it.
Treasure: Treasure Chest
37 - Pepper
Cherish the gifts your family has given you.
Treasure: Heirloom Recipe Book
38 - Peregrine
Come with me and explore this wide, wonderful world.
Treasure: Crystal Carriage
39 - Rodin
Don't be afraid to cry. Tears have the magic to heal a broken heart.
Treasure: Crying Goddess Fountain
40 - Rosamund
I guard the past to protect the future.
Treasure: Sigga's Tomb
41 - Rosebriar
The world is full of freedom and love for you to find.
Treasure: Crystal Rosebush
42 - Sapphirine
I will be your lucky star. Take a chance and try something new.
Treasure: Night's Star
43 - Socorro
True happiness comes from inside.
Treasure: Jeweled Crickets
44 - Sophie
Seeing yourself clearly is the first step toward wisdom.
Treasure: Mirror of Wisdom
45 - Star
It is not what you do but who you are that is important.
Treasure: Celestial Clock
46 - Thunder
I give you courage. Now you can release your fears.
Treasure: Tower Azul
47 - Tramontane
Seek new horizons.
Treasure: Ice Schooner Frostskimmer
48 - Treasure
Follow me beneath the waves. See the beauty and the space.
Treasure: Treasure Chest
49 - Valkrist
Have faith that you will find the answers you're looking for.
Treasure: Sigga's Signet
50 - Valor
A warm heart can give you courage when you need it most.
Treasure: Fireheart Sword
51 - Charm Bracelet 52 - Fairystone
53 - Keepsake Chest 54 - Sandhaven 55 - Starstone Logo in bottom left corner of each card

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