Danish Gold · Danish Wise Warriors

“Danish Copper” (Gold Border) (March 2006)
45 common cards, 10 energy cards, and 3 promo cards

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Common Cards

01 - Aries
Show your strength and pace with dignity.
02 - Artemis
I will give you courage and pride.
03 - Balto
Happiness is a decision. Decide to be happy.
04 - Bellisimo
Trust yourself and you will know how to live.
05 - Bifrost
Where love is there are always miracles.
06 - Colour
Feel the joy in what you see, hear and sense.
07 - Cookie
I make it easy for your to find yourself.
08 - Daisy
Remember to express what you feel and need.
09 - Diablo
Where anger is there is love. Where sorrow is there is joy.
10 - Dino
Look for the peace behind power and energy.
11 - Dodo
Every day is a gift appreciate it.
12 - Dreamer
Let your dreams show you the way.
13 - Fiona
Be the hero in your own story.
14 - Friends Forever
Believe in the goodness between you and other people.
15 - Ghost
Your beauty comes from within.
16 - Halloween
I will keep you safe.
17 - Honey
Create something beautiful. It will make you feel peaceful.
18 - Hummingbird
Go after the point of life.
19 - Kini
Don't be afraid to show your feelings.
20 - Kio
Your strength comes from within.
21 - Kira
You can only appreciate happiness if you have felt sadness.
22 - Lotte
You can feel the truth in your heart.
23 - Luna
A wonderful and exiciting world awaits you.
24 - Minty
Fly with me to the stars and we will be surrounded by light.
25 - Montana
Follow me and I will show you the way.
26 - Pedro
Do your things with joy. I like to see you happy.
27 - Ricky
Help me to make peace on earth.
28 - Rocky
Feel the nature around you and I will give you the power of nature.
29 - Safire
Everything in life has a purpose.
30 - Santos
Be aware of your senses and intuition.
31 - Silas
Let your wisdom and knowledge grow.
32 - Skywalker
Expect something good to happen.
33 - Stardust
You can borrow my guardian angel.
34 - Starfighter
Believe in your visions and make them come true.
35 - Starfly
Listen to the music of nature.
36 - Sunset
Learn to be in contact with the peace inside yourself.
37 - Sunshine
I am so happy being your friend.
38 - Sweety
You are a perfect child believe it.
39 - Tiffi
Paradise is a state of mind.
40 - Tokker
You are a wise child. Give yourself time to work and study.
41 - Wawebreaker
I am your gift from the sea. Pick up my tricks from me.
42 - Wonder
Let me follow you to the land of dreams.
43 - Yin and Yang
You always have a choice.
44 - Zargo
Every momemtn is precious use it.
45 - Zikka
Open your mind. What you give you recieve.

Energy Cards

46 - Grooming 47 - Halter 48 - Hoof Care 49 - Jodhpurs
50 - Jumping Saddle 51 - Riding Boots 52 - Riding Hat 53 - Riding Lesson
54 - Rug 55 - Training Saddle    

Promo Cards

Be generous and give away with love.
I will help you spread peace and unity throughout the world.
Let's go for a ride and we will experience unforgettable things together.

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