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“Danish Gold” (Gold Border) (December 2005)
48 common cards

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Common Cards

01 - Bello
Life is a gift. Receive it and love it.
02 - Birdy
Make peace with yourself and your friends.
03 - Blackie
Follow your dreams. Feel the happiness and contentment.
04 - Charlie
Make time to listen to your friends.
05 - Dina
Do something you like and enjoy it.
06 - Dusty
Find the fun in what people find funny in you.
07 - Dynamo
Believe in yourself, have confidence in what you do.
08 - Eagle
See the world from above like an eagle.
09 - Filippa
Enjoy what you have got. You don't need what you have not.
10 - Flame
I run faster than the wind. Follow me and we will find a magical place.
11 - Fox
Feel the freedom and the silence around you.
12 - Freja
Close your eyes and hear the sound around you.
13 - Friends
Think of all the good that exists in your friendships.
14 - Grey
If you really want it, it will come to you.
15 - Hercules
Don't be afraid to ask for help.
16 - Hunter
Do something you didn't know you could. Take the chances that come.
17 - Jewel
I will help you to stay in a steady flow of abundance.
18 - Joker
Be aware of all the beauty around you.
19 - Jonathan
It is time for joyful playing. Joy creates miracles.
20 - Karna
I am your friend, both when your in your joy and your sadness.
21 - Leonardo
When you hear me neigh feel the joy we have.
22 - Magic
Look to the heaven for the shooting stars. Now make a wish.
23 - Mandalay
This is a magical moment you can make a wish.
24 - Maxi
To find the way just follow me.
25 - Mermaid
Laugh from your heart and feel the joy.
26 - Minelle
Be yourself, be free, allow others the same freedom.
27 - Mystery
Allow yourself to wish for what you want.
28 - Nanna
Think positively. Your happy thoughts will grow.
29 - Nikita
You may join us if you like.
30 - Rain
Get in contact with me and let us feel the power.
31 - Rose
Listen to your dreams. What they tell you is important.
32 - Roxy
Magical opportunities surround you.
33 - Shadow
Look within and love what you find.
34 - Shakira
Goodness and generosity create loving energy.
35 - Sham
I appreciate your honesty with me and yourself.
36 - Shaman
You are more powerfull than you realise. It's safe and good for you to be powerfull.
37 - Shine
The world is beautiful. Live in that beauty.
38 - Skipper
Believe in your worth, feel your value.
39 - Sky
You will get new exciting opportunities. Catch Them!
40 - Spottie
Play with me and your life will become an adventure.
41 - Star
It is not what you do, but who you are.
42 - Stella
Concentrate on what you want and leave what you don't.
43 - Storm
You have an inner strength. Find it and use it.
44 - Thunder
I give you courage then you can release your fears.
45 - Toffee
Let us share our thoughts and we will heal them together.
46 - Treasure
Follow me beneath the waves. See the beauty and the space.
47 - Trudy
Now is the perfect moment to embrace your hearts desire.
48 - Unicorn
Your inner light shines when you are true to yourself.
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