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“Danish Silver” (Silver Border) (September 2005)
45 common cards

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Common Cards

01 - Angel
Angel is coming, make space and let heaven help you.
02 - Beauty
Arrange to play with one of your friends and join me.
03 - Bella
Think positive every day! Feel the bliss of joy and energy that comes with it.
04 - Bliss
I am out looking for adventure. Come and join me.
05 - Butterfly
Make time to relax, be silent and enjoy the peace and quiet.
06 - Coco
Come let us play and have some fun and joy.
07 - Diamond
Trust me. I am here to help you to become a loving and good friend.
08 - Dixie
With joint effort we can make changes.
09 - Domino
Do something with joy and you will feel contented.
10 - Donna
Allow others to give you loving care.
11 - Flame
I run faster than the wind. Follow me and we will find a magical place.
12 - Flipper
I will embrace you with extra energy and magic. Then you don't have to be afraid.
13 - Flower
Be good to someone. Make it a way of being.
14 - Jewel
I will help you to stay in a steady flow of abundance.
15 - Jojo
You create your own reality.
16 - Jolly
The sun is shining on you and me. Let us play with the music.
17 - Joy
Let us try different adventures together as a way to grow and learn.
18 - Kiki
Let me tell you a fairytale. Listen and use your imagination.
19 - Lucas
Run with me and you will feel the strength and power inside you.
20 - Lucky
Know that you deserve to receive goodness in all ways.
21 - Mandalay
This is a magical moment you can make a wish.
22 - Micado
Follow your intuition, it is always true.
23 - Misla
Together with me you will be safe and protected by heaven.
24 - Misty
You have Misty's touch right now and everything you start turns to gold.
25 - Moonlight
Trust the moon and the starts. Then your dreams are coming through.
26 - Niki
Notice the pleasure when you make a friend happy.
27 - Pegasus
Your dreams are coming through. I am here to help you trust yourself.
28 - Pink Lady
I am the spirit of your inner child. Be joyfull and see the world as a magical place.
29 - Rain
Get in contact with me and let us feel the power.
30 - Rainbow
Sit down, feel the peace. We will enjoy a wonderful time together.
31 - Saga
Join me and I will make you happy.
32 - Sandy
Close your eyes and follow me to the universe.
33 - Sarah
Take the chance and follow your heart.
34 - Scarlett
Are your curious? Let us discover the world together.
35 - Shaman
You are more powerfull than you realise. It's safe and good for you to be powerfull.
36 - Silver
Don't be sad. I am here taking care of you.
37 - Speedy
Heaven is working above us. So have some fun even if you don't see results now.
38 - Spirit
I can help you to be aware of your friends.
39 - Starlight
Believe it and it will work.
40 - Sugar
Let us join and start your adventure.
41 - Sunny
The wind blows, the sun is shining. Have positive friends around you.
42 - Thunder
I give you courage then you can release your fears.
43 - Twins
Friendship is important, it helps us to be joyfull together.
44 - Walter
I appreciate your company, let us have a nice time.
45 - Yellow
Spend time alone with me. Then you will get what you truly desire.
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