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“Bella's Ball Version 2” (Pale Lavender Border) (October 2009)
45 common horse cards, 5 room cards, 5 friends cards

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Also Available in:
French -- Bal de Bella
German -- Bellas Mackenball
Italian -- Gran Gala
Spanish -- El Baile de Bella

Common Cards

01 - Allegra
One special moment can fill your whole day with delight.
Dance Partner: Husband Rodrigo
02 - Amor
Use your love to bring peace to the world.
Dance Partner: Wife Venus
03 - Apollo
Lots of small steps make big dreams come true.
Dance Partner: Wife Athena
04 - Athena
Be yourself, be free, and allow others the same freedom.
Dance Partner: Husband Apollo
05 - Bella
Think positive every day! Feel the bliss of joy and energy that comes with it.
Dance Partner: Husband Bello
06 - Bello
Life is a gift. Receive it and love it.
Dance Partner: Wife Bella
07 - Bryda
True love means caring for someone else like you care for yourself.
08 - Celinda
Relax your mind. Let creative ideas come to you.
Dance Partner: Sweetheart Hyperion
09 - Coral
Sometimes help comes from the most unlikely places.
Dance Partner: Friend Kona
10 - Cosima
Learning is the key that opens up the whole world to you.
Dance Partner: Sweetheart Zephyros
11 - Derik
I see so much good in you. You can be proud of who you are.
Dance Partner: Wife Misa
12 - Diamond
Trust me. I am here to help you become a loving and good friend.
Dance Partner: Friend Garnet
13 - Farah
Begin your story with a dream that inspires you.
Dance Partner: Sweetheart Shamal
14 - Fiona
Be the hero in your own story.
Dance Partner: Friend Thunder
15 - Flame
I run faster than the wind. Follow me and we will find a magical place.
Dance Partner: Wife Nike
16 - Flipper
I will embrace you with extra energy and magic. Then you don't have to be afraid.
Dance Partner: Wife Ondine
17 - Flora
Open like a flower and show your inner beauty.
Dance Partner: Husband Skipper
18 - Garnet
It's okay to make a mistake. Just do your best to fix it.
Dance Partner: Friend Diamond
19 - Hyperion
You are the only one in charge of what you do.
Dance Partner: Sweetheart Celinda
20 - Iceking
Hope is like magic. It keeps you full of energy.
Dance Partner: Wife Nyx
21 - Jewel
I will help you to stay in a steady flow of abundance.
Dance Partner: Husband Rodin
22 - Jikin
Share your joy by dancing and having fun!
Dance Partner: Friend Lien
23 - Jordanna
Look to your past and find the seeds of a bright future.
Dance Partner: Friend Resauro
24 - Kona
Look beneath the surface and find your inner power.
Dance Partner: Friend Coral
25 - Lien
The most important time in your life is right now.
Dance Partner: Friend Jikin
26 - Misa
Being generous is the first step toward being happy.
Dance Partner: Husband Derik
27 - Nike
Have the courage to trust yourself.
Dance Partner: Husband Flame
28 - Nyx
Let your life take you to exciting places.
Dance Partner: Husband Iceking
29 - Ondine
Make every day an adventure!
Dance Partner: Husband Flipper
30 - Resauro
Your strength and courage will get you through any troubles.
Dance Partner: Friend Jordanna
31 - Rodin
Don't be afraid to cry. Tears have the magic to heal a broken heart.
Dance Partner: Wife Jewel
32 - Rodrigo
It's okay to be quiet. Not everything needs to be said out loud.
Dance Partner: Wife Allegra
33 - Seraphia
You already know what to do. Go ahead and do it!
Tyri's Steed
34 - Shamal
Have the confidence to do what is right, no matter how hard it seems.
Dance Partner: Sweetheart Farah
35 - Silvia
A joyrful friendship give you energy and helps you grow.
Dance Partner: Sweetheart Valentino
36 - Skipper
Believe in your worth. You are valuable.
Dance Partner: Wife Flora
37 - Sleetmane
Imagine your wish. Have faith that it will come true.
Dance Partner: Wife Snowdreamer
38 - Snowdreamer
Be brave enough to go wherever your dreams take you.
Dance Partner: Husband Sleetmane
39 - Soot
Love who you are. Believe in who you can be.
Colm's Steed
40 - Thunder
I give you courage. Now you can release your fears.
Dance Partner: Friend Fiona
41 - Twig
Spend your time on things that matter. The rest will take care of itself.
Deru's Steed
42 - Valentino
Treat yourself with respect and others will treat you the same way.
Dance Partner: Sweetheart Silvia
43 - Venus
Spread your joy around for all to share.
Dance Partner: Husband Amor
44 - Wings
Believe in your friends and help them find their wings.
Emma's Steed
45 - Zephyros
Every day, you choose who you will become.
Dance Partner: Sweetheart Cosima
  46 - Colm
Emma's Cousin
Soot's Rider
Colm Roland is Emma's fourteen-year-old cousin. Back on Earth, he loved to tease Emma and boss her around. But here in North of North, Emma is so famous and important that Bella is throwing a ball in her honor! Colm hates not being the center of attention but hopes there will be plenty of glory and adventure to go around.
47 - Deru
Dryad of Drasilmare
Twig's Rider
Deru is the dryad of Drasilmare, the ancient World Tree of North of North. She and Twig used to live inside the tree, soaking up its wisdom. Now that Emma has come, they must go out into the world and help Emma find North of North's lost herds. But first playful Deru gets to go to Bella's Ball with her new best friend, Emma!
48 - Emma
Sigga's Heir
Wing's Rider
Emma Roland is a smart twelve-year-old girl who often felt lonely back on Earth. But here in North of North, everyone expects her to be a great Valkyrie leader like her ancestor Sigga. Bella even plans to throw a ball in her honor! Emma hopes she can find North of North's lost herds and prove herself worthy of her destiny.
49 - Fountain Ballroom
When the great Valkyrie Sigga built the Fountain Ballroom, she asked the water horses for help. Herd Islandar's ocean horses line the pools with sea jewels. The water elementals of Herd Elemyn made the crystal water columns. And Herd Moonfairy's lake and river sprites enchanted the fountain so the water dances to the music.
50 - Garden Ballroom
The Valkyrie Sigga planted the Garden Ballroom's orchids and hedges herself. Then she asked the horses of Herd Sunflower to fill the terraces. They chose blooms that create a delicate perfume when their sents mix. Sunnivir, the magical tree in the center, grew from a seed taken from the Mothertree of the Jasmine Forest.
51 - Grand Entrance
Guests feel a thrill as they enter Rolandsgaard's Grand Entrance. Land horses come down the Grand Staircases, swimming horses use the Rivergate, and flying horses glide through the Wind's Eye, a portal in the ceiling. As guests enter, heralds announce their names with a florish of trumpets. Bella's Ball is about to begin!
52 - Midnight Finale
At midnight, Bella's Ball ends and guests move outside to watch the sky. Over Rolandsgaard Castle, the first ball of sparks bursts into glowing tulips -- Sara's favorites! Other fireworks form the symbols of each herd in North of North, including the lost herds. The show ends with a faiery orchid -- the symbol of Sigga and Emma.
53 - Royal Ballroom
The Royal Ballroom, where honored guests sit on the Orchid Dais, is the best place to watch for famous horses. Guests at Bella's Ball come here to pay their respects to Bella and Sara. Sara introduced them to Emma, heir of the great Valkyrie Sigga. Bella introduced Bryda, a Bellasara filly attending her first grown-up ball!
54 - Sara
Goddess of Horses
Bella's Rider
Sara is the goddess of horses and of their ancestral homeland, North of North. Wise and loving, she watches over all horses, granting each a magical gift. Sara and Bella have waited more than a thousand years for Sigga's heir to come to North of North. Now that Emma is here, they're celebrating by throwing a grand ball!
55 - Tyri
Seraphia's Rider
Tyri is the youngest and funniest of the Valkyries, a group of immortal women who ride flying horses and inspire heroes. Long ago, their leader Sigga taught Tyri how to be a Valkyrie. Now Tyri must teach Emma, Sigga's long-awaited heir. Tyri and Emma plan to enjoy Bella's Ball, but then they must begin Emma's first quest.
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