Name Origin: The first release of this mold was as the “Best in Show” Thoroughbred. It had glass eyes and mohair mane & tail. A sculpted mane & tail were added to produce the current Show Thoroughbred.
Sculptor: Kitty Cantrell
Introduced: 2008
Breyer Mold: #641
Size: Classic

Realistic Colors

American Pharoah #9184 (2015 - 2017)
Black Thoroughbred #935 (2012 - 2018)
Deluxe Kid's Club #712311 (2020)
Grey Dapple
Best In Show Thoroughbred #902 (2009)
Grey Light
WEG Classic 3-Piece Set #9103 (2010)

Decorator Colors

None Yet    

SR = Special Run/Limited Edition, production run number unknown.

Breyer Naming Convention: Call a mold by the name of the very first release of that mold.
Stone Naming Convention: The breed the mold represents.