Name Origin: The first release of this mold was as Susecion (mare) and Le Fire.
Sculptor: Kathleen Moody
Introduced: 2002
Breyer Mold: #581
Size: Traditional

Realistic Colors

Bay Blanket
Naomi & Wynonna #711165 (2013 Breyerfest Tent)
Bay Pinto
Decoupage & Impressionistic Page #90128 (2004 Just About HOrses)
Bay Rabicano
Queen Mum & Prince #711471 (2012 Breyerfest Raffle)
Color Crazy! Chestnut Sabino Mare and Black Foal #1324 (2008)
Glossy Color Crazy! Chestnut Sabino Mare and Black Foal #1324 (2008 Breyerwest Live Show Prize)
Black Sabino
Color Crazy! Chestnut Sabino Mare and Black Sabino Foal #1324 (2008)
Le Fire #1175 (2002 - 2005)
A Mother's Love #712067 (2012 Breyer Website)
Arabian Mare & Foal #430011 (2014 Warehouse Find)
Dun Pinto
Breyer Pinto Family #410146 (2006 JC Penny)
Grullo Pinto
Zion & Moah #712222 (2017 American the Beautiful #4)
Baby’s First Steps Mare & Foal SR (2002 QVC)

Decorator Colors

Black Pearl
Diadem & Alcor #712394 (2021 Website Exclusive)
The Gift (with Susecion) SR (2003 SAS Trophy)

SR = Special Run/Limited Edition, production run number unknown.

Breyer Naming Convention: Call a mold by the name of the very first release of that mold.
Stone Naming Convention: The breed the mold represents.