The Saddlebred Weanling was first released in 1973. It was sculpted by Marvin Morlin. It is Breyer mold #62. It is Traditional sized.

The original tail was attached to the right hindquarters. The tail was removed from mold in 1984 to allow for hair tails on the Rocking Horses series. A new tail was sculpted in 1989 and hangs free from the hindquarters.

Realistic Colors

Bay Pinto
Future Champion #494092 (1992 Sears)
Raven #701091 (1991 Signing Party)
Family Saddlebred Trio Set #410145 (2005 JC Penny)
Black Blanket Flocked
Our Rocking Horse SR (1985 Sears)
Chestnut Dapple
Traditional 3-Piece Set #410433 (2009 JC Penny)
Chestnut Dark
Kentuckiana Saddlebred Weanling #915 (1995 - 1996)
Chestnut Flaxen
Saddlebred Weanling SR (1984 Just About Horses)
Chestnut Flocked
Collectors Rocking Horse #701 (1985 - 1987)
Chestnut Liver
Saddlebred Weanling #62 (1973 - 1981)
Chestnut Pinto
Chubasco & Caravelle #1268 (2006)
Chestnut Roan
Burnt Sienna #982 (1997 - 1998)
Grey Dapple
Saddlebred Weanling #703398 (1998 QVC)
Grey White
Parade of Breeds #705495 (1995 QVC)
Gaited Breeds of America #710396 (1996 JC Penny)
Palomino Pinto
Saddlebred Weanling #818 (1990)

Decorator Colors

Purple Flocked
My Favorite Rocking Horse SR (1985 JC Penny)
Live Show Prize SR (2001 Equitana)
SR (1980 Just About Horses)
White Flocked
My Companion Rocking Horse SR (1985 JC Penny)

SR = Special Run/Limited Edition, production run number unknown.