Name Origin: This is the portrait model of John Henry.
Sculptor: Jeanne Mellin Herrick
Introduced: 1988
Breyer Mold: #445
Size: Traditional

Breyer initially produced the mold using the almost finished protype with a rough coat (much to the artists chagrin). This version of the model is no longer in production.

There are two version of the model. This one is not in production.

Also see John Henry -- Smooth Coat

Realistic Colors

Bay Black
Cincinnati #755 (1999 - 2000)
Bay Dark
John Henry #445 (1988 - 1990)
Bay Pinto (Blue cord)
Naytukskie-Kukatos #961 (1996)
Bay Pinto (Red cord)
Naytukskie-Kukatos #961 (1996)
Bay Roan
Cowboy Pride #707598 (1998 JC Penney)
Joe Patchen #836 (1991 - 1993)
Brown Dark
Western Horse #711594 (1994 JC Penney)
Chestnut Liver
Quiet Foxhunters #491192 (1992 Sears)

SR = Special Run/Limited Edition, production run number unknown.

Breyer Naming Convention: Call a mold by the name of the very first release of that mold.
Stone Naming Convention: The breed the mold represents.