Name Origin: This is the portrait model of Lynn Anderson’s Lady Phase with a swish tail. I’m not sure if this is an actual mold change or just a different tail stuck on the old mold.
Sculptor: Christian Hess
Introduced: 2006
Breyer Mold: #40
Size: Traditional

There are three version of the model. Theoretically this version of her is out of production.

Also seeLady Phase -- Short Tail and Lady Phase -- Long Tail

Realistic Colors

American Quarter Horse Mare #1132 (2006 - 2008)
Bay Blanket
Sonsola #701730 (2015 Mid States Distributors)
Bay Roan Leopard
Sprinkles #711049 (2009 Breyerfest Tent)
Chestnut Pinto Liver
Treasured Moves #1275 (2008)
Chestnut Roan
Red Rock #710716 (2009 Mid States Distributors)
Dun Red
ELCR Horse #1428 (2010)
Grey Dapple
Smokin Hot Chic #712034 (2010 Quarterfest)

Decorator Colors

None Yet    

SR = Special Run/Limited Edition, production run number unknown.

Breyer Naming Convention: Call a mold by the name of the very first release of that mold.
Stone Naming Convention: The breed the mold represents.