Name Origin: The first release of this mold was as Kennebec Count.
Sculptor: Kathleen Moody
Introduced: 2005
Breyer Mold: #599
Size: Traditional

Realistic Colors

Bay Black
Weathermont Ethan #1723 (2014 - 2016)
Bay Mahogany
Breyer Morgan Collection #410116 (2006 JC Penney)
Bay Pinto
Auld Lang Syne #90148 (2009 Just About Horses)
Kennebec Count #599 (2005 - 2007)
Glossy Kennebec Count #599G (2005 Breyerfest Live Show Prize)
Chestnut Liver
Espresso #711456 (2006 Breyerfest Live Show Prize)
Chestnut Pinto
My Favorite Horse - Chili #1426 (2010 - 2011)
Grey Flea-bitten
Dapple Grey Morgan #701905 (2007 Pottery Barn Kids)

Decorator Colors

None Yet    

SR = Special Run/Limited Edition, production run number unknown.

Breyer Naming Convention: Call a mold by the name of the very first release of that mold.
Stone Naming Convention: The breed the mold represents.